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MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: Are you really determined?

Are you determined, or do you allow yourself to make excuses?  Successful people always find a way to accomplish their goals, they don’t always get it done as they originally planned, and they may have had roadblocks along the way, BUT they still accomplished their goal, because they were determined to do so.  Making change can be easy if you have the right mindset.  If you struggle as we all do at times, use a coach/mentor to help see yourself in a new light.  You can find a way if you are determined, so again I ask you..Are you really determined?


For us Christians it is hard to imagine a more motivating day than Easter, well except maybe for Christmas.  What more could motivate us than celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!  Because of this we can all feel renewed.  We can see our daily lives in a new light, and hear songs of rejoice at church.

Pastor mentioned during church service that we can all focus more on the resurrection of Jesus, not just on his death on the cross, as the resurrection is to be seen as a victory.

So how can we apply this to our daily lives?  Well if we look at it metaphorically, we too can overcome the bad things that happen, and look forward to the good things to come in the future.  Pastor said in church that yes life can be hard at times, but we can look forward to the future as life here on earth is but a glimpse of time in good does that feel to know that we can be reassured that the pains of today are indeed just temporary.  Think about it this way..can you remember a struggle you had, say maybe 10 years ago?  That was hard back then, but that struggle from 10 years ago now doesn’t feel as big anymore does it?  Now think of a struggle you are currently having, and think how little it will look 10 years from now, and when you do this, you can realize how we can manage our battles from a new perspective.

He is Risen Indeed!


Yesterday morning as I was sitting in church for palm Sunday service, I noticed the Sunday school children were sitting in the front row.  It was obvious that they were there for a reason, and I assumed at the time that it was to sing a song during the service.  My assumption was only partially correct.  They did sing a song, and it was called, I believe “Let it Shine”, but what they also did, was inspire me.  The Song “Let it Shine” was about that little light inside us, and it went on to give us a choice on how we would choose to use it.  One of the verses asked the question “are we going to hide that little light under a bush,” and the children gave a resounding “NO” and then powerfully sang out “I’m Gonna Let it Shine!”

So the question I have for you, is.. do you let your light SHINE?  I know that there can be many people today that can try to make us hide our light under a bush so to speak, whether that is their intention or not.  I really like fanning ones flames so to speak, because I want everyone’s little light to be bigger and brighter, so I hope to inspire others to Let Their Light SHINE!  I am a builder of people, and I detest those that try to tear others down.  As a business application think of it like this..if you’re building people up, you’re also building your company up, but if you are tearing people down, you’re also tearing your company down, it is that simple.  As a health application, consider it like this..when you make food choices, you’re either giving your body foods that nourish and build your body, or you’re giving your body foods that will not nourish and weaken your body, and again, it is that simple really.  It all boils down to choice, how will you choose?

That little light was placed in us for a reason, and I say “Let it SHINE!”

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: Take that long awaited next step

Many times people keep a good idea in their thoughts instead of taking action on them. Today I want to motivate you to finally take action on that long awaited next step. What have you been delaying that needs action? You know that feeling that you know you HAVE to do something, but keep putting it off. Let me ask you a question..what will happen if you never act on it? And what is the worst that can happen if you do act on it? Find peace in the fact that we all have things in our life like this, it’s not just certain people, so I ask you, be courageous and join me in being with the group of those that take action, break out of your past comfort zone, and create a larger comfort zone.   I invite you to share something that you have put off for a long time and finally acted on it, and was glad that you finally did something about it. Feel free to share your story here, I’d love to hear a few of them.


A common denominator I find in most successful people is that they have used affirmations at some point in their life, and once they become habit, they seem to grow results organically.  I use affirmations in the form a vision statement for my clients, and the ones who use that tool regularly have seen more and more results on an ongoing basis.  Using affirmations is a great way of beginning your day on a positive note.  Try it for 90 days and let me know if you’ve seen some changes in your life, or your perceptions of your life.  Have a great Monday, and a great week!


Today I have a quote from my favorite book, the Bible.  James 1: 2-3 reads “Consider it a pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.”

Think about that for a minute..consider it a joy when you face can we do that?  Well if we change our perspective, we can decide to see all things as learning experiences, good or bad.  It is not the trial that matters, but our reaction to it that counts.  The next time you face something bothersome or a trial of some kind, step back and pause for a bit rather than just quickly reacting, then think about the situation from 3 different points of view..first, your point of view, then the point of view from the others involved in the situation, then thirdly imagine the point of view from a complete stranger to the situation, and you might find that the stranger might have an unbiased take on the matter.  Getting into a practice of doing this will make you much more effective of a communicator, at first it may be a challenge to step outside of ourselves, but give it a try and let me know what seems different when you try it.

For me perseverance is about follow through, and getting to a satisfying end of a project even if that means doing what may be uncomfortable, if it’s the right thing, do it, and do it until it is complete.

Finally a bonus bit of motivation today.. daylight savings is here, meaning one more hour of daylight, and along with that is the warming temperatures, and for those of us living in Wisconsin, it’s long overdue.  This week in the mid 40’s..for us that’s a heat wave.

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: What a great year!

I don’t know about you, but I had a good year in 2014.  True I did have to make some adjustments and changes to my schedule, but all in all I triumphed in all that I attempted.  So the question I have today for you is What will make 2015 even better than 2014?  Rather than to talk about resolutions, I want to focus on what will make a positive impact in the coming year, so complete this sentence..2015 will be great because I _________________________________________________________________


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