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For us Christians it is hard to imagine a more motivating day than Easter, well except maybe for Christmas.  What more could motivate us than celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!  Because of this we can all feel renewed.  We can see our daily lives in a new light, and hear songs of rejoice at church.

Pastor mentioned during church service that we can all focus more on the resurrection of Jesus, not just on his death on the cross, as the resurrection is to be seen as a victory.

So how can we apply this to our daily lives?  Well if we look at it metaphorically, we too can overcome the bad things that happen, and look forward to the good things to come in the future.  Pastor said in church that yes life can be hard at times, but we can look forward to the future as life here on earth is but a glimpse of time in good does that feel to know that we can be reassured that the pains of today are indeed just temporary.  Think about it this way..can you remember a struggle you had, say maybe 10 years ago?  That was hard back then, but that struggle from 10 years ago now doesn’t feel as big anymore does it?  Now think of a struggle you are currently having, and think how little it will look 10 years from now, and when you do this, you can realize how we can manage our battles from a new perspective.

He is Risen Indeed!

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