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About Russ Fugerer:

I was raised in Battle Creek, Michigan, but I moved to Wausau, Wisconsin in 1993, and have been in the Central Wisconsin area ever since. My mother was originally from the Wausau area. My mother, before her retirement, worked at GNC, so we often shared notes on supplements and vitamins, and other natural health issues.

Russ-and-Eva-FugererI served in the US Navy from 1989 until 1993 and was part of Operation Desert Storm, the first gulf war. While in the military, I had visited 10 different countries. I continue to travel as I enjoy learning about other cultures and exploring this wonderful world. When I left the military, I attended college in Michigan before I moved to Wisconsin.

I married a very patient and caring wife in 2000. My wife, Eva, though I don’t think she realizes it, is my rock. We lost her mother in 2010 to pancreatic cancer, which is another reason I am following my path in the natural health field. Diabetes is a major cause of pancreatic cancer and can be avoided with proper nutrition and diet. I am in hopes that many people can avoid getting this terribly aggressive disease through education.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with a specific band of lyme disease connected with the vaccine. That is when I decided to educate myself about natural health. The lyme vaccine was taken off the market in, I believe 2001 for “poor sales.” The truth is that about 30% of the population that got the vaccine had complications. I had problems with severe neck and joint pain that led me to years of chiropractic care.  It was during a physical in 2006 that I was diagnosed with possible lyme disease. Luckily, I did not have full blown lyme disease; only part of the disease that correlates with the vaccine. It was enough to cause me, a 37 year old at the time, to feel like a 70 year old with severe arthritis. So I stared to educate myself on natural health. My focus for the past eight years has been on:

  • Pain Management
  • Anti-immflamatory foods
  • PH acid / alkaline balance
  • Nutrition
  • Herbal remedies
  • Weight Management
  • Antioxidants
  • Cleansing / Detox
  • Exercise
  • Vitamin C, the most under rated vitamin
  • Supplements. . . many are taking too many, are you?
  • Water quality, and hydration
  • hazards with artificial sweeteners
  • Stress Management

Now as a 45 year old, I am no longer taking 9 Ibuprofen a day for pain (3 pills 3x a day), instead I am eating blueberries, and almonds every day, and I enjoy activities like playing ice hockey again. I also enjoy all outdoor activities, and I even have my own organic garden, which my wife and I really enjoy making a stir fry with fresh vegetables from the garden. I would love to help get you on the True North Path to feeling better, and have a higher quality of life through risk reduction techniques, or to help you with any goals that you have and want to achieve in life.

The services provided by True North of Wisconsin are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


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