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I was recently asked during a table topics portion of a Toastmasters meeting “How do I get past the Monday Morning Blues?”  And my answer was about this article I write “Motivational Monday”.  You see I decide to start my week on a positive note, so that positivity carries me through the week.  So this week I want to tell you about what positive memory I Have from the past 2 weekends that make me realize how great life is.  Last weekend My wife an I drove up to Tomahawk WI up Highway 107 just for the beauty of the leaves changing along the curvy sometimes waterside drive.  And this weekend just yesterday my wife and I had breakfast at a haunted cafe in Plover, and then later went to a corn maze which ended in a glass of hot apple cider.  These kinds of memories will last a lifetime, and re-playing them will help keep us in a positive mindset and keep us focused on things to look forward to throughout the years rather than re-hashing the glooms and dooms of the past week.  So take my advice and let go of the bad,  embrace the positive, and enjoy the fall festivities that are readily available here in Wisconsin.  Do you have any favorite fall pastimes that you can share?  If y0u do, I’d love to hear them, and I will gladly post and share them on my blog.  Have a great week!!!

Mangosteen…the Best Anti-oxidant available

Watch this video to learn more about the powerful benefits of the mangosteen fruit. You can buy the best mangosteen juice available from this website. Mango-Xan has the highest ORAC score of any mangosteen juice. An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure, and that is all that is needed is an ounce a day of Mango-Xan. Leave a comment or question about Mango-Xan and I will be glad to answer.

Open post

Performance improvement coaching

Even Tiger Woods knows there is always room for improvement. he says in this video there is always going to be someone better than him at different facets of the game. Tiger knows the importance of always working on improvement and developing skills, and analyzing how to achieve the desired results. Last but not least he practices what he studies, and then practices some more until he learns how to do what he has analyzed and can anchor those actions to be used on demand. What area of your life do you need to work on improving?

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From the Golf Channel show on Tiger Woods and how he is constantly working to get better at his craft. For personal sports improvement Coaching go to

Steve Jobs Speech

This is a great TED talk speech to watch.  It’s great that I find I share some of Steve Jobs qualities, and am now living my passion!


This video says that we only grow when we get out of our comfort zone, and as a coach I partially agree.  What I mean is that yes growth only occurs outside of our current comfort zone, but imagine for a moment what your life would be like if you actually expanded your comfort zone so you could continue growth.  Too many people consciously force themselves out of their comfort zones only to re-treat and go back to where they are comfortable.  You will realize that only when you decide to re-program your subconscious you can make lasting changes to continually grow and attain all of your goals.  So decide NOW to either stay where you are, or CHOOSE growth and try a new approach and HIRE a COACH Today!

Stress Chef


To a traditional thinker, stress is automatic, and bad.  I would like to offer that instead stress can be very controllable, and able to be used in a positive way for good.   One way to make stress a valuable tool, is to find ways to use this emotion to propel us forward in a direction that is desirable to us rather than let it become an emotion that overwhelms us.  Imagine how good it will feel to feel balanced between work and family for example.  So how can we do this easily and effortlessly?  Try this out:

Imagine for a moment that your life is a stovetop.  A stovetop is easy to control right?  A typical stovetop has four burners.  Now put a pot on each burner, and assign each of the four burners a different aspect of your life.  For this example we will make the four burners the following:

Burner one- Family

Burner two- Work

Burner three- Finances

Burner four- Health issues

Now imagine that all day long these four burners are seemingly overheating all the time and each pot seems full and about to boil over.  By imagining this stovetop, you can easily decide to control each burner, by deciding to manually turn down the heat on some of the burners as you seem appropriate.  For example, you may decide that while you are at work, you will decide to turn down burners 1,3,and 4 so you can more effectively concentrate on burner 2, and when you are at home, you may decide to turn off burner 2 and concentrate on burners 1,3, or 4.  By trying this exercise you are enabling yourself to control each aspect of your life without having to feel that everything is out of control or balance simply by controlling the heat levels that you allow to each burner, and when someone else tries to come in and turn your burner up, simply reach down and turn the burner back down, and realize that YOU control your burners, not someone else!  I call this exercise becoming your own stress chef.  By becoming your own master stress chef, you can not only control each aspect of your life, but you can design, create and cook up a healthy balanced life of your choosing!  This takes practice, but with practice it will become easier each time you try it.  Now I have no problem putting a co-worker on the back burner and turning the heat way down, its gotten easy, and I have used this strategy in a positive way to avoid work burnout.  Something that used to seem overwhelming, now seems easily controllable.  Try it, become your own master stress chef, and melt your stress away!

This article was written by CPC, CWLC Russ Fugerer owner of True North Coaching

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