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I was recently asked during a table topics portion of a Toastmasters meeting “How do I get past the Monday Morning Blues?”  And my answer was about this article I write “Motivational Monday”.  You see I decide to start my week on a positive note, so that positivity carries me through the week.  So this week I want to tell you about what positive memory I Have from the past 2 weekends that make me realize how great life is.  Last weekend My wife an I drove up to Tomahawk WI up Highway 107 just for the beauty of the leaves changing along the curvy sometimes waterside drive.  And this weekend just yesterday my wife and I had breakfast at a haunted cafe in Plover, and then later went to a corn maze which ended in a glass of hot apple cider.  These kinds of memories will last a lifetime, and re-playing them will help keep us in a positive mindset and keep us focused on things to look forward to throughout the years rather than re-hashing the glooms and dooms of the past week.  So take my advice and let go of the bad,  embrace the positive, and enjoy the fall festivities that are readily available here in Wisconsin.  Do you have any favorite fall pastimes that you can share?  If y0u do, I’d love to hear them, and I will gladly post and share them on my blog.  Have a great week!!!

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