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Path to Health

Weight loss Coaching

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Obesity and stress are major causes of illness and disease. Weight loss coaching is a comprehensive approach to wellness with a goal of reducing future medical problems and improving ones health. Weight Loss coaching can help you:

  • Lose weight, and maintain a healthy weight with a better chance of long term weight loss
  • Learn why we gain weight
  • Learn foods and chemicals that should be eliminated by everyone
  • Adopt an active lifestyle
  • Learn about emotional reasons that we gain weight
  • Learn fun and easy easy ways to lose weight
  • Re-program any negative thought processes into positive ones
  • Easily and effortlessly learn new ways to think yourself thin
  • Reduce pain in joints and over inflammation in the body
  • Get on the Path, and feel better!

Alternative Health Coaching

Holistic wellness covers all aspects of well being including: spiritual, proper nutrition, whole food supplements, herbal solutions, and integrative health. Integrative health is combining traditional medicine with alternative medicine to get the best of both worlds. Alternative health coaching can help you:

  • Learn to become your own personal health advocate
  • Find out if you are over supplementing
  • Identify solutions to get honest answers to your health concerns
  • Learn about antioxidants
  • Learn about cleansing toxins from your body
  • Nutrition at a glance
  • Learn about Vitamins C & D, the most under-rated Vitamins
  • Learn the truth about the Ph factor, acid/alkaline balance
The services provided by True North of Wisconsin are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.
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